FarWell’s Leadership Support Series is a collection of webinars and events focused on providing business leaders with advice and insights on key topics related to people, processes and technology.

Hosted by FarWell Senior Advisors and subject matter experts, each event tackles a different topic, with the goal of providing attendees with tools and tips to help them become more effective leaders in today’s fast-moving and ever-changing environment.

Join us April 21 for our next webinar.

Increasing Value: Transforming Business and Technology Relationships

In today’s competitive marketplace, leaders continuously look at how teams work, the talent and skill they have to do the work, and how they can generate the most value from the work they do. IT departments are at the center of this, and many are considering, or already in the midst of an organizational transformation.

Whether it involves shifting from project to product-based delivery, utilizing hybrid models, transitioning to platform-based delivery, enabling agility, or building a partnership with the business, it is critical for an organization to closely evaluate its structure, skills, culture, and mindset.

FarWell will host a panel of four IT leaders to dive deeply into their organizational evolution. We’ll learn about why they made the shift, the challenges they faced to achieve buy-in for it, key learnings, and much more.

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