Why We Exist

Plan and implement strategic change.

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"The rapid pace of technological change is the number 1 challenge facing Fortune 500 CEOs."

- Fortune CEO Survey

The pace and breadth of change affecting all industries is unprecedented. Changes happen every day that directly influence companies – technology, increased sales, mergers, competition, new products and services, new vendors and solutions, new customer expectations, automation tools, regulations and many other disruptors.


FarWell helps companies focus, build and succeed during times of change.

FarWell is a flexible change advisory firm in Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our teams help organizations succeed as they plan and implement developmental, transitional and transformational change.

FarWell teams follow a repeatable framework. We right-size solutions, and follow change-agile principles.

Our capabilities include Change Strategy, Project Management, Culture Alignment, and Process Optimization. FarWell offers expert and comprehensive support across all our focus areas.

How We Work

  • Assess

    Define where your company or team is today and the destination after the changes.

  • Plan

    Create the map to get to the destination successfully.

  • Execute

    Assemble the teams, follow the map and overcome obstacles.

  • Close

    Celebrate your arrival and apply what you learned during the next journey!

Change-Agile Execution Framework

FarWell’s Assess, Plan, Execute delivery model allows for maximum efficiency and quality. This methodology can be applied to both Agile and Waterfall projects. Our flexible framework allows for an easy to follow model to reduce risk and ensure that the value desired is capable of being delivered.

The first step to engaging with FarWell is the no cost, no obligation Right-Fit process.

This process starts with a scheduled meeting with leadership to understand and assess the size, complexity, maturity and readiness for the proposed change.

We’ll provide a high-level overview of that exchange and a summary of the curated team of talent we recommend to execute your project goals. From there, we work together to define the timeline, cost and alternatives in a scope document.

No obligation discovery and proposal process.

What We Do

Change Strategy

FarWell experts help clients develop and implement their change strategy, improve readiness, and increase adoption and sustainability.

More about Change Strategy

Project Management

FarWell plans and executes portfolios, programs and projects for its clients. Rely on experienced project managers for simpler, seamless execution.

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Culture Alignment

FarWell helps companies align values between leadership and employees. Improve engagement and productivity while building resilience in times of change.

More about Culture Alignment

Process Optimization

FarWell analyzes current processes and workflows and helps optimize them during the change. Obtain measurable improvement during and after the change.

More about Process Optimization

Experience successful change. Our Right-Fit discovery and proposal process is no cost, no obligation.

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