FarWell hosts Change Navigators: an Organizational Change Management (OCM) Networking Group

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This networking group represents the newly merged “Milwaukee Change Navigators” and “Madison Change Geeks” groups. Merging these two groups furthers the vision to connect change leaders so they can apply their collective knowledge to support each other while navigating change.

What is Change Navigators?

Change Navigators is an open collaboration Organizational Change Management (OCM) networking group is a quarterly, primarily virtual, forum for leaders navigating changes in their organization. Leaders collaborate to share change-related best practices, tactics and timely business topics.

FarWell welcomes anyone navigating change within their organizations to  join Change Navigators. Members come from many different industries and roles and may include organizational change management practitioners, business integration partners, consultants, project management professionals, people leaders, directors, and students.

FarWell hosts quarterly virtual meetings and in-person events in Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Meetings are free to attend, casual, discussion-based, and interactive. Some previous discussion topics include Change & Agile, Change & Mindfulness, and Change Leadership.

When you  join Change Navigators LinkedIn group, you’ll receive Meetup event invitations for upcoming events, and connect to your local network of OCM professionals.

The Change Navigators Meetup group vision

Change Navigators follows two core principles: 1) share knowledge and experience, and 2) maximize the collective mind. Join Change Navigators LinkedIn Group.

1) Share knowledge and experience

Share change stories and resources to help support the change management community and others who are enabling change in their organizations.

2) Maximize the collective mind

Gather passionate people and facilitate value-rich conversations

Change Navigators Meetup group founding story

FarWell merged two established Wisconsin Meetup groups, 1) Madison Change Geeks (est. 2018) and 2) Milwaukee Change Navigators (est. 2019) into one OCM Meetup group called Change Navigators in 2022 to virtually connect change practitioners nationwide.

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