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July 30, 2020
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September 8, 2020

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One of the most powerful drivers of good business decisions is empathy. With increased empathy, we can better serve our customers and employees, which can directly drive revenue, loyalty, and operational efficiency.

Empathy is Very Good for the Bottom Line

But empathy doesn’t just happen. It requires curiosity and observation. When we better understand people’s experiences engaging with us across time, channels, and touchpoints, it helps us: discover unanswered questions; identify process, product and service opportunities; address unmet needs; and relieve frustration and inefficiency.

What is Experience Mapping?

Experience mapping, a.k.a. customer journey mapping, is a way to understand the outside-in experience people have working with (or within) your business. It offers a rich starting point for making things better, and a valuable input to better decision-making. It is a powerful step toward becoming a more customer-aligned organization and differentiating your brand on customer experience.

Experience Mapping Webinar Takeaways

Achieve a comprehensive overview of the “what, when, why, how, and for whom” of experience mapping.

This webinar will give you a better understanding of how to think about experience as a practice in your organization. You’ll understand:

  • How experience mapping helps you optimize customer experience (CX), user experience (UX), and employee experience (EX)
  • Why and when to consider experience mapping in your organization
  • Expected benefits
  • Structure and deliverables
  • Potential next steps and extensions
  • Common traps and pitfalls
  • What it’s like to participate in an experience mapping effort (optional interactive group exercise)

Experience Mapping Webinar Experts

Meet the Experience Mapping Webinar Presenters

Caroline Sober-James

Director of User Experience, Acumium
Connect with Caroline

Caroline  leads the UX practice at Acumium, a Madison, WI, digital agency with deep expertise in strategy, design, and technology. She works closely with her clients and her team to design good-looking, goal-oriented, and highly functional websites and applications that allow people to get important things done quickly and easily. 

She’s spent the last 20 years in a variety of roles that have given her unique depth and breadth of knowledge and empathy around people, UX, web design, and software development. 

Natalie Droessler

Senior Advisor, FarWell 
Connect with Natalie

Natalie leads customer-focused, growth-based change and transformation for FarWell clients. Using her strong collaboration skills to build trust, Natalie’s vision and communication abilities allow her to distill complex challenges into manageable pieces, leading to sustainable company-wide process improvements. 

In addition to working with FarWell clients, Natalie also serves as an Engagement Manager, coaching and empowering a group of our team members to thrive personally and professionally. Natalie believes in a “people first” philosophy, as people are the core for most successful companies. In every project, she makes it her top priority to be real and vulnerable with her team, treating every person with respect and doing what she can to put them in a position to succeed. 

Natalie is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt in lean process principles and earned her MBA from Purdue University. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin in Platteville. 

Meet the Experience Mapping Webinar Host

Mel Gillen

Customer Experience Officer, FarWell 
Connect with Mel

Mel is a driven executive leader who empowers the FarWell team to work together in delivering an optimal customer experience. She leads the growth, development and strategy of best in class marketing, sales and client engagement practices for our fast-growing company. Her dedication to positive client experience ensures our partner companies get the right level of support to achieve their business objectives. 

Mel values trust, integrity and being a caring servant leader for others. Her leadership style is to first listen and then ask guiding questions to help her team and clients solve complex challenges. 

Mel is certified as a Professional Scrum Master, Prosci Certified Change Practitioner and Customer Experience Specialist (CXS). She earned her MBA in Management from Thomas College in Waterville, Maine and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the University of Maine. 

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