FarWell Change Leadership Bootcamp

What is Change Leadership?

The Change Leadership Bootcamp is a specially designed immersive program to equip executives, leaders, and sponsors with the skills and insights needed to guide teams and organizations through large-scale, disruptive, or ongoing changes.

From improving your own awareness and response to change to mastering the art of facilitating the adoption of change, this bootcamp is curated to meet the specific needs of teams and organizations undergoing transitions.

Change initiatives frequently fail and don’t meet their intended goals or objectives. With the pace, complexity and breadth of change at unprecedented levels, leaders and the role they play in change are critical. Those who can provide vision, guidance, and support of their teams will help their organization maximize the value of their initiatives while minimizing the level of change fatigue. The change leadership skills and insights developed in this bootcamp are a perfect complement to Organizational Change Management (OCM) as they work together to enable overall enterprise agility in your organization.


Why should you attend this bootcamp?


Build Change Awareness

Understand the current change landscape and how it translates to your organization’s key people risks.


Develop Change Leadership Competency

Recognize the importance of your unique role in achieving successful change, and how to identify and overcome resistance and obstacles using a holistic approach.


Leverage Tools & Personal Roadmap

Develop the confidence, essential behaviors, tools, and a roadmap to immediately start guiding your teams through transitions and enabling them to reach acceptance and adoption.

Available Credits

After completing the bootcamp you will have the opportunity to acquire continuing education credits (CE), which can contribute to your recertification for ACMP, HRCI, and SHRM.

Where is the bootcamp?

Offered in Madison and Milwaukee, these two-day, in-person sessions provide an opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals, engage with industry experts, and put theory into practice through engaging activities and real-world case studies.

What our Change Leadership Bootcamp Participants are Saying

The Change Leadership Bootcamp presented by FarWell Consulting was an incredible two-day workshop that allowed me to enhance my change leadership skills through collaboration with other business leaders. The training modules and team exercises presented helped me build a plan to bring back to our executive team that will drive our organizational agility to a new level and increase our ability to grow responsibly. Anyone looking to develop their professional skills or bring a new perspective to their organization should invest their time in the FarWell Change Leadership Bootcamp.
– Kevin Guthrie, Vice President of Sales and Marketing – Wine and Spirits, Frank Liquor Co.

“There are actions I can take and tools I can implement immediately following this bootcamp. Learning different approaches and tools that will help me support employees and leaders going through change will be instrumental in ensuring success.”

“This course enhanced my awareness on the importance of change leadership and really making sure to incorporate it into the overall project plan. Keep it at the forefront, not an afterthought.”

“I’ve gained more tools to use to help create awareness. Tools can be used during planning and team/corporate communications.  Learning the importance of sustaining change was extremely beneficial and will also be discussed during planning sessions.”

Interested in having the bootcamp come to a town near you? Contact us today if you would like to host or see a bootcamp in your area!