Right-Fit™ Offerings

Our no cost, no obligation Right-Fit offerings set up organizations for more effective projects. We get up to speed before providing solutions.

Align your culture, operations and domain-specific requirements with only the resources and capabilities needed for success.

Our Right-Fit offerings include an expert strategy session, change readiness review, project overview and a free proposal.

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Expert Strategy Session

Get FarWell Senior Advisors in a room. Identify challenges and build on goals.

Change Readiness Review

Assess readiness with our Right-Fit™ Criteria:
Size, Complexity and Maturity.

Project Overview

Discuss project team, high level timeline, risks and deliverables.

Free Proposal

Detail the project so both parties understand the solution, timeline, cost and options for moving forward.

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Our Right-Fit process discovery session and proposal are no cost, no obligation.