Change Strategy and Implementation

FarWell change strategy experts help your company plan for and respond to organizational, operational and technological change.

Change affects all companies, but not all companies can staff a change management team full-time. Companies introduce new products, align leadership, scale, and transition technologies at an unprecedented pace.

FarWell gives companies access to expertise so they can effectively plan for and implement strategic changes while building change agility within their teams. Our teams help leadership execute the change required to accomplish their business goals.

Change Strategy Engagement Framework

  • Assess

    Outline the impact change will have on your business and predict its adoptability.

  • Plan

    Map the strategy for change in the organization.

  • Execute

    Establish a baseline to build from, follow the map and train leadership on the change.

  • Close

    Realize the benefits of the change and apply what you learned to your next effort.

Change Strategy Actions

Assess change readiness.

Analyze impacts and build change management plan.

Build a business case for change.

Conduct change leadership training.

Experience Effective Change

Many organizations change at the cost of culture or quality. Achieve efficiency and effectiveness while accounting for cultural factors necessary for sustainable change. FarWell equips leaders with the skills to foster change agility within their teams.

The FarWell engagement framework is designed to be flexible. Our free, Right-Fit Discovery and Proposal Process scales and fits our capabilities to your change needs. Our change implementation techniques empower companies to make changes that align to their business strategy.


We get up to speed before offering solutions. Our Right-Fit change discovery session and proposal are no cost, no obligation.

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