FarWell Senior Advisors | Industry Expertise

FarWell Senior Advisors bring a wealth of industry experience to each project. FarWell has a collaborative culture where Advisors come together and hive-mind the best way forward. Here’s an overview of the industries we specialize in.


Insurance and Financial Services

FarWell has experts with decades of insurance and financial services experience. These Senior Advisors will help you:

  • Improve operations
  • Launch new products
  • Manage programs
  • Meet regulatory standards

Our deep industry knowledge creates instant credibility with executives within highly regulated environments. From claims processing to policy administration to customer service, teams put in place innovative programs and products meeting the experience customers demand.


The manufacturing industry requires sophisticated assessment of processes and procedures as well as strong leaders who can speak the language and assert themselves.

FarWell Six Sigma-certified advisors will help you:

  • Improve the output and throughput that manufacturing demands
  • Drive sustainable change
  • Shorten the timeframe from product ideation to launch

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Professional Services

Professional Services companies are knowledge-based. This industry benefits most from strategy, assessment and management of teams, talent and client engagements.

FarWell Professional Services Senior Advisors help organizations with:

  • Organizational planning
  • Scaling teams
  • Optimizing client engagement frameworks

FarWell is a Professional Services provider with an intimate knowledge of the industry. From sales and marketing to building a talent pipeline to increasing service quality, our Advisors help with individual projects and complex cross-functional efforts.

FarWell has worked with a variety of Professional Services providers including Sales Trainers and Coaches, Financial Advisors and Technology Implementers. We help companies optimize their client on-boarding and implementation programs while improving their communication strategy and customer satisfaction.

Software and Technology

Software and Technology companies need a holistic approach for successful implementations. Organizations have to consider necessary capabilities, concerns, integrations, and testing requirements.

FarWell Senior Advisors help teams:

  • Navigate complex business requirements
  • Prioritize work
  • Optimize execution

We also train employees on new capabilities, including business, technical and change agility. Our software and technology experts are savvy project managers, too. They execute within budget, timelines, and scope.

FarWell works with software product companies, technical consulting firms and system integrators to prioritize and execute their most important client-facing projects. We also provide scalable teams to help our clients meet client demand.

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Retail and E-Commerce

We help retailers and E-tailers navigate complex changes in a very competitive landscape. From rolling out brick and mortar stores to optimizing omni-channel processes to choosing the right e-commerce platform, we have extensive experience working with fast growing retailers to ensure they meet their strategic objectives.

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