Press Release | New FarWell CEO and Chairman Roles

Inc 5000 2022
FarWell makes the 2022 Inc. 5000 list, celebrating six consecutive years of this honor
September 1, 2022
FarWell makes the 2023 Inc. 5000 list, celebrating seven consecutive years of this honor
August 15, 2023

We are proud to announce the formalization of FarWell Chairman and FarWell CEO roles, effective January 1, 2023. This change reflects FarWell’s ongoing commitment to scale and evolve as a company.

Photo of Jason Potter FarWell Chairman and Steve McQuin FarWell CEO in 2023 at the FarWell office in Madison, Wisconsin

Jason Potter now FarWell Co-Founder and Chairman

Co-Founder and CEO Jason Potter will assume the role of Co-Founder and Chairman. Potter brings over 25 years of advisory experience and expertise to the table. As Chairman, he will form and lead a FarWell Advisory Board. Potter will support leaders and teams as they design and execute strategy. He’ll also continue to serve FarWell as Fiduciary.

Jason Potter Co-Founder and Chairman

“My new role as Chairman will allow me to step out of day-to-day operations and form an Advisory Board that has experience scaling firms like FarWell. It’s important for us to get outside perspectives, especially now that we have exited “start-up” mode. We have become a much larger firm.” said Potter. “I’ll continue to regularly meet with FarWell leadership to align on– and support– FarWell’s vision and strategy.”

Jason Potter, FarWell Co-Founder and Chairman

Steve McQuin now FarWell Co-Founder and CEO

Co-Founder and President Steve McQuin will step into the role of Co-Founder and FarWell CEO. He will collaborate with the Senior Leadership Team to develop and execute strategy. McQuin will lead day-to-day operations and serve as company ambassador. McQuin’s 25 years of advisory experience and passion for FarWell’s success make him the ideal candidate to drive the organization’s continued growth.

Steve McQuin FarWell Co-Founder and CEO

“Jason’s Chairman role and Advisory board are exciting changes for FarWell. I’m honored to be the CEO of such a great firm,” said McQuin. “This is the best team I have ever worked with, and we want to grow while remaining true to our values.” As FarWell scales and evolves, these roles will help us navigate the next chapter with confidence and determination. We look forward to providing continued service to our employees, clients, and partners.”

Steve McQuin, FarWell Co-Founder and CEO

Senior Leadership decided to formalize the Chairman and CEO roles in 2023 after starting a transition in 2022. Role expansion and clarification will strengthen FarWell’s leadership foundation. Backed by strong leaders, FarWell teams will continue to navigate change with their clients, partners, and each other.