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Steve McQuin

Co-Founder & CEO

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Steve is FarWell’s Co-founder and President. In this role, he’s leads the firm’s day-to-day business operations. He leads strategy as part of the Strategic Leadership Team. Steve works with this team on cross-functional decisions, priorities, and improvements. He also serves as an account manager for several of our clients, and he’s the primary liaison for our partner relationships.

He knows how to build strong client relationships and long-term strategic partnerships. Steve understands market trends and has an eye for opportunity. He approaches change strategically and simplifies complex situations to help leaders implement sustainable organizational solutions.

Steve earned his BS degree in Education with a minor in History from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. Out of college, he taught in Milwaukee before he transitioned to technical training and consulting. He consulted as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Microsoft Certified Trainer, and then shifted to consulting sales and solution development. Before he joined FarWell, he led the sales organization at a medium-sized regional staffing and consulting firm.

He says, “We have a short time on this planet, so it’s best to figure out what’s important and stay dedicated to it as best we can. For me, it’s God, Family, and FarWell.” Steve values individuality and independence, even within a team.

Apart from work, Steve likes to grill, fish, travel, watch sports, and play games with friends and family.

He also boasts a unique family story. His wife Amy’s grandfather pitched for the 1951 New York Giants team. This was the team that featured Bobby Thomson’s famous “shot heard ‘round the world,” a walk-off home run that propelled the Giants into the 1951 World Series. Dave Koslo (Amy’s grandfather,) started two games of that World Series, winning the first game and losing the sixth.