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FarWell is a founding sponsor of Madison Change Geeks, a free, professional Meetup group in Wisconsin. Madison Change Geeks welcomes anyone geeked about helping others through change and the change management practice.

What is Madison Change Geeks

Madison Change Geeks is a forum to share change-related best practices, tactics and hot topics.
True to form, Madison Change Geeks itself continues to evolve and respond to the needs of its members.

Quarterly, Madison-area professionals collaborate for interactive meetings at Industrious in downtown Madison, WI. Meeting topics are largely driven by change geek members themselves. Collaboration and inclusivity are core values of this Meetup group. Visit the official Change Geeks Organization website.

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Madison Change Geeks Founding Story

Madison Change Geeks was founded by a collective of change professionals to satisfy a need in the Madison change management community. Back in 2018, there wasn’t a dedicated forum for face-to-face knowledge sharing focused on enabling and managing change. Together in 2018, the founders rallied passionate change professionals for their first inaugural meeting. Today, the primary organizers are Serge Romero and Nathan Bossow who engage the community itself for direction on content and format.

Madison Change Geeks Vision

Change Geeks follows two core principles:

  1. Share Knowledge and Experience | Share change stories and resources to help support the change management community.
  2. Maximize the Collective Mind | Gather passionate people and facilitate value-rich conversations

These principles guide the structure and content of the meetings.

Madison Change Geeks Members

Change Geeks enable change. Members support each other by sharing frameworks and tactics to help organizations through change. Change Geeks bring their knowledge and experience to the group to make their community more abundant.

Change Geeks bring many points of view to the group from different industries and roles. Members include business integration partners, specialists, change managers, consultants, professionals, directors, leaders. Anyone geeked about change has a seat at the table.

Madison Change Geeks Topics

Meeting topics vary meeting to meeting. The group itself determines the format and topics Madison Change Geeks covers.

Here are a few topics Madison Change Geeks has covered:
• Change & Agile
• Change & Mindfulness
• Change Leadership

Madison Change Geeks Experience

Madison Change Geeks meet quarterly. Meetings are 2 hours, and some members linger for a happy hour afterward. Change Geeks are eager to collaborate and learn with members. Meetings are casual and supportive; members are ready to help support today’s change challenges.

Madison Change Geeks hosts quarterly meetings at the modern collaboration space, Industrious, in Madison from 4:30-6:30pm. Change Geeks also host other networking activities in between quarterly meetings like book club.

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Madison Change Geeks Meeting Cadence:

  1. Networking (30 Minutes)
  2. Structured Activity/Content (1Hour)
  3. Networking (30 Minutes)
  4. Happy Hour

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