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Lucas Frisbie

Candidate Experience Manager

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Lucas has honed his candidate experience chops as a talent acquisition leader for more than 10 years. He’s applied his talents and skills for a wide range of organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 giants. Lucas acquired a life-long belief when he worked at the Park Hyatt in Chicago early in his career. He learned that to deliver a consistently memorable experience was the best thing he could do to keep guests coming back repeatedly. This wisdom continues to pay off for him today.

Talent acquisition is the quintessential form of a true “people” business. Lucas has been in the profession long enough to know that trust and transparency are they key elements of every productive business relationship. He thrives on being able to help candidates connect the dots and realize how their experience and business knowledge may fit in well with both FarWell and our clients.

When he’s not at work, Lucas displays his passion for dogs. He’s especially fond of Pitbull and Bully breeds. His current dog, El, was a rescue he found about eight years ago. Lucas hopes to rescue many more.

He’s also found a way to combine his love of photography and his love of dogs. He volunteers at the Dane County Humane Society and captures images to show the bond of love between people and dogs.

“I like nothing better than to watch a beautiful sunset with a well-made Manhattan in my hand and my best friend – my dog – at my feet,” said Lucas.

It’s a beautiful image. We agree.