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When you want an experienced and accomplished customer experience manager, Sarah’s the person you talk to. She’s demonstrated the ability to help organizations recognize customer experience as the foundational element it should be. Plus, she knows how to build productive relationships with people all across the organization and work together with them to deliver the desired results.

Sarah’s experience in multiple roles while at different companies has equipped her with an impressive set of practical business skills.
– Customer journey mapping
– Collaborative problem solving
– Customer persona development
– Program and project management
– Strategy development
– Business analysis and process improvement
– Data analysis and storytelling
– Data warehousing and database management
– Negotiation and conflict resolution

She earned her BS degree in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point.

Sarah named two personal philosophies she’s motivated by. The first is to roll with it but keep it real. “Life has a way of bringing the unexpected,” she said. “Sometimes it’s a matter of accepting things as they are, but we also need to know when to stand up and stick to our values and standards.” Her second is to laugh more. She says, “Life can get way too serious. Allow yourself to be silly and laugh more, whether you’re alone or with people.”

Away from work, Sarah likes just about any outside activity. She camps, kayaks, hikes, bikes, and more. She also enjoys spending social time with family and friends, especially when good food or good beer are involved. Sarah says her dog is pretty cool, too.