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Sarah Zepnick

Marketing Manager

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As a Senior Advisor with FarWell, Sarah has worked with several clients on Customer Experience (CX) initiatives. Her CX background makes her a natural fit when it comes to marketing, customer engagement, and understanding their needs during all the touchpoints along the FarWell journey.

Along with Sarah’s CX skill set, her experience in social media management, event planning, and digital marketing allow her to create authentic customer engagement across multiple platforms and channels. This will support FarWell’s ability to engage with clients through providing the right message at the right time.

Outside of FarWell, Sarah loves adventures of all kinds and has been north of the Arctic Circle in Alaska for northern lights, hiked to Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal, and recently did a 5,800-mile solo road trip out west where she visited 12 National Parks in 9 days.