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Rebecca Isensee


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Rebecca brings a passion for making authentic connections at every interaction through transparency and setting realistic expectations. Whether in conversations, projects, or identification of risks, she has an innate sense of what to expect and how to plan for change. She holds a strong desire to bring others along on any change journey.

Her years of experience have equipped Rebecca with an impressive set of talents and skills:

  • Leadership with purpose and value
  • Program management and transformational execution
  • Strategic planning and portfolio design
  • Team building for meaningful results
  • Intuitive relationship development and vendor management
  • Creative problem solving
  • Process optimization and continuous improvement
  • Sustainable change planning, management, and implementation

She lives by the philosophy “Whether you think you can or you can’t… you’re right”. She believes that success is elusive for those who don’t believe in themselves, but for those who believe, they will always find success. In her eyes, the difference between success and failure lies within your mindset.

Outside of work, Rebecca soaks up as much family time as possible, while balancing that with tackling outdoor activities like a long-distance run or a challenging hike. When she’s not outdoors with family and friends, you can find her researching, planning, and bringing home improvement projects to life!