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FarWell Advisor Luke Osiecki
FarWell Advisor Luke Osiecki

Luke Osiecki


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Luke is a marketing, project management, and operations leader. He thinks creatively and communicates clearly. These traits correlate well with project success for his clients. He likes to be collaborative in his work, and he combines it with a healthy entrepreneurial spirit. The combination is a powerful motivator for individual team members to attend to their work first, but to keep the larger team goals in view while they do it.

His extensive business experience has enabled Luke to pick up a wide range of practical business knowledge and skills.

  • Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM)
  • Business operations
  • Financial management and forecasting
  • Team leadership
  • Digital marketing and brand development
  • Media production workflow & strategy
  • Relationship building at all levels of an organization

Luke has a degree in Audio Engineering, Production & Technology from Madison Media Institute in Madison, Wisconsin.

He says his guiding life philosophy is everyone can learn something from anyone else. “If you put your people first, everything else eventually falls in line,” said Luke.

Luke grew up in Northern Wisconsin, so he loves to be outdoors with his family and friends. It can be fly fishing, cycling, or boating – he loves it all! He’s also a lifelong musician. He’s played drums for most of his life and dabbled with a variety of other instruments. He and his family are avid travelers, too. They can’t wait to start doing it again once the pandemic is behind us.