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Katie Williams


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Katie has high-order skills in organizational change management, leadership development, and learning delivery. She’s passionate about it. She knows how to build effective teams and lead them to apply change management principles to achieve the desired results.

Her experience at large organizations has helped her pick up quite an impressive set of business skills and knowledge.

  • Training and coaching
  • Leadership development
  • Internal and external communication
  • Public relations and crisis management
  • Change assessments and change management
  • Executive communications
  • Process analysis and process improvement
  • Agile project methods
  • Communication strategy development

Katie earned her BA degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and she picked up her MBA from the University of Phoenix. Katie is also a Certified Instructional Technologist and a Certified Change Management Practitioner.

Her motto for personal success comes from Sir Ernest Shackleton, who said “Optimism is the true moral courage.” “I always find the good in any obstacle or challenge I face,” Katie said. “Obstacles happen so we can learn and grow. When you try to learn from obstacles, something good just might happen.”

Since Katie and her husband have four children, true free time can be hard to come by. When it occurs, Katie’s likely to either work out or read a self-improvement book. She’s a serious foodie too, and loves to cook. With a family this size, that’s a good thing.