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David is an accomplished process optimization professional. He specializes in business process transformation as part of organizational change initiatives. He’s an energetic team player with a talent for applying non-linear thinking to solve problems. David uses stories and on-target analogies to illustrate challenges and obstacles and to make solutions easier to understand. He’s friendly and approachable, which helps him assess situations quickly and communicate effectively with all levels of the organization.

His broad and in-depth business experience has enabled him to pick up an attractive array of practical business skills.

  • Business analysis and productivity improvement
  • Coaching and team leadership
  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Cost analysis and financial management
  • Project reporting Customer experience optimization Strategic planning
  • Value stream mapping

David earned his BBA degree in Business Administration from St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wisconsin. He’s also certified as a Six Sigma Black Belt by the American Society for Quality (ASQ.)

His personal philosophy is straightforward. “It’s never wrong to do the right thing,” said David. “Acting with integrity is the cornerstone of relationships, processes, and understanding. The virtue of integrity fuels excellence in all facets of life.”

David says he owns more bicycles than he can count. So, away from work, you’re likely to find him either riding one of them or playing a board game based on cycling. In both cases he’s probably fantasizing he’s on the cusp of winning the Tour de France. He’s also a deep well of useless pop culture knowledge, especially if the subject is the Cleveland Browns, comic books, bike racing, punk and new wave music, or old movies. If you engage him in one of these topics, you have only yourself to blame.