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Woman smiling in light blue shirt
Woman smiling in light blue shirt

Amber Heiden


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Amber fills the role of Marketing Advisor for FarWell’s clients. She writes content for financial organizations and handles their social media presence. She also helps them devise and implement marketing strategies and special events.

As a content creator and social media manager, Amber is creative, open-minded and always willing to consider new tactics. Her sense of humor and personal openness make others feel comfortable when they work with her.

Amber earned her BA degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the UW-Madison and holds a Marketing degree from Madison College.

When she’s not helping FarWell clients, she’s doing her best to fill up all of her family’s gardens with a mix of flowers, veggies and berries. Along with her husband (a perpetual tinkerer) and a talkative son, the family spends time chasing a small flock of misbehaving chickens.

Her advice to live by is that life isn’t one-size-fits-all. It’s impossible to find your best approach unless you take a little risk while you try different things.