July 19, 2017
March 22, 2017




Our client wanted to see a complete picture of the customer journey. They asked Farwell to help with the implementation of a new sales initiative, involving both process and technology changes across the organization. The corporate initiative was considered high priority by the client and was watched very closely by the executive team. The goal of this program was to provide a more customer-centric sales practice, while collecting a 360-degree view of all customer interactions, resulting in a consistent experience for all customers throughout the purchase and installation process.



A Farwell Senior Project Manager was brought on to refine program and project management best practices, while coaching team members on using the Scrum methodology to implement the new sales initiative. This added visibility and predictability to the program. After quickly establishing Farwell as a valued partner, we were asked to bring on an additional Senior Project Manager for a proposed core system replacement program, as well as general IT portfolio management. The Farwell team administers multiple projects within two corporate initiatives, while helping the client with strategy, coaching and change management. 



We helped the client implement and improve their customer-centric sales process and technologies, which will continue to be a sustainable competitive sales advantage for their brand. We also introduced portfolio, program, and project management methodologies our client can use across the organization. 


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