Five Ways to Use Project Management to Your Advantage
April 20, 2016
PLD Meetup – “Applying the 7 Habits to Your PMO”
January 17, 2017

PLD Meetup – “PM Role in Integrating Change”

“Change is inevitable, suffering is optional.”

– C. Carey Yang, PhD.

Farwell’s Professional Leadership Development (PLD) Meetup for area project management leaders convened last Friday, and featured a presentation from WPS’s Chris Cashell. Chris’s presentation focused on the integration of Change Management and Project Management, and the importance of effectively managing the “people side” of organizational change initiatives.


Key takeaways include:

  • When change management is performed effectively, people feel engaged in the change process and work collectively towards a common objective.
  • Project Management (PM) VS Change Management (CM)
    • Project Management is effecting change through a disciplined approach to identify the scope, tasks, activities and deliverables to achieve the new “state.”
    • Change Management is achieving change through a disciplined approach to empower people to change behavior and process to success in the new “state.”
  • Integrating CM and PM enables…
    • shared objectives
    • a proactive step
    • sequencing and alignment
    • an exchange of information
  • Change Management VS Leadership [1min video]